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We Are Experts in How People Consume & Learn From Video Content.

Sage Media advises businesses on how to produce effective, inductive learning media with an emotional intelligence focus. We also create award-winning, custom video content that actually changes viewer behavior and improves learning retention.

65% of training is forgotten within a week. By contrast, structured video content is 83% more effective in learning engagement and recall. Most notably, our approach activates the emotional processing parts of the brain, translating your training words into a visual language that is immediately, intuitively, and globally understood. And it does so on a subconscious level.

Regardless of education, occupational rank, and cultural history, our brains respond naturally and socially to media. As a result, Sage Media gets back to the roots of how human beings transfer and retain knowledge: through narrative, visual storytelling. By means of our in-depth knowledge of the neuroscience of media and filmmaking, we can generate a learning experience that inspires your team and dramatically improves the quality of their lives. 

Media Experts. Changing The Learning Landscape.


Director | Storyteller

Richard Fleming | Director

Richard Fleming is a visual storyteller and media expert whose clients include Microsoft, XBOX, ConocoPhillips, CenturyLink, and the NFL. Following a career in marketing with agencies like Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Richard co-founded Sage Media to transfer his technical and story expertise to the leadership development and employee training sectors. He now helps businesses better translate their company culture and training vision into a language that is universally understood.




Producer | Researcher

Austin Welch | Producer

Austin Welch is a co-owner and the executive producer for Sage Media. His background includes helping enterprises like Dresser-Rand, Personify Leadership, and the American Red Cross refine and achieve complex business goals with media. Concerned that businesses were too easily dismissing the value of aesthetics in training, Austin uses his research in neurocinematics to help trainers understand best practices and the impact of visual stories when designing a training to yield maximum learning retention.

Recent Work

First Level Leadership Training

First Level Leadership training is all about providing resources to new managers and supervisors who lack experience. This visual story exemplifies our approach to creating character-driven narratives, helping new leaders see how bad leadership can affect teams both physically, as well as through poor morale. Watch other video training without [...]

B2B Marketing Video

Video marketing tools that sell solution-oriented customer service wins business. The value in manufacturing and industrial services can often be overlooked as a commodity. For Randleman's flat-roll division, the secret sauce was the team and their relationship with customers. Sage Media worked to visualize the intangible value of customer service: how team [...]

Proprietary, Branded Training

As an emerging leadership development program, Personify Leadership understood the need for a modernized training video to integrate as one of their Five Modes of Learning - experiential, self-reflection, video, classroom, and group discussion.

Extreme Consulting Promo

Leadership development can be exciting and adventurous, as this video demonstrates. TakePoint programs are designed to push mid-level executives to new heights of performance - as well as build more cohesive camaraderie among business teams. This promotional film outlines their unique value proposition, and helped them attract and win their ideal clients.

Case Study Video for Technology Products and Services


Technological products and services can often seem nebulous. A creative agency had asked us to shoot and produce a case study video highlighting a successful partnership between the environmentally conscious brewery New Belgium and Dell. As a technology supplier, Dell helped this beer-producing giant meet their goals of reducing waste [...]

Boulder Video Production Commercial

Marketing is much like storytelling for training. We are tasked to educate viewers about the value of a product or service. This commercial helped viewers understand the features and benefits of an app built by a local, Boulder startup company, as well as demonstrate its usefulness in action. Sage Media [...]

In-House, Custom Training

Our client developed a proprietary, in-house leadership program to cultivate future leaders internally, using our videos as a supplement to classroom training, improving retention and prompting discussions about organizational development, firing an employee, and giving honest performance feedback that encourages and corrects behavior.


The Red Cross needed media content that would help expand their volunteer numbers by 300% over a five-year period. We also repurposed this video into a shorter format for TV broadcast.



How effective are your media solutions? What is the measurable impact of incorporating multimedia into a training? When should you outsource video production services versus hiring full-time staff to produce content internally? What kinds of presentation methods are best for soft skills versus hard skills? What is the best use of your training and development budget when looking at video as a learning component? How do you approach seeking out corporate training video production and are you asking the right questions? Was behavior changed after staff watched a video or whiteboard animation? Why not?

Let us help you take the guesswork out of your training media.


The human brain cannot distinguish between media and real people, places, and things. Consciously, we tell ourselves “it’s just a movie,” but the subconscious mind is hard at work to solve the complicated social interactions it sees. Sage Media can guide trainers, instructional designers, and facilitators to better leverage the power of multimedia to communicate their vision – either to their audience or to their internal video production staff that has been tasked with creating videos of their content.

As storytelling experts, Sage Media will provide feedback and guidance to enhance the story elements of your training. This includes amplifying drama for better retention, drafting three-dimensional characters that are realistic and relatable, and tying your training objectives into a powerfully analogous story arc that is full of nuance and subtext for your audience to “solve.” Our unique approach to training engages learning models that have illustrated the importance of emotional connection.


While many companies have internal video production teams, they may still lack the technical capability to produce high-end, award-winning training media. We are a full-service video production firm capability of producing content for any platform – LMS, web, mobile, classroom projection, and theatrical settings.

Sage Media can take a fully formed training curriculum and translate it into a video format, or we can generate training scripts from scratch – taking your business objectives and generating a complete story or series of stories.


  • Soft Skills
  • Sales Strategy
  • Leadership Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Customer Service Scenarios
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Executive Leadership Development Programs
  • Sales Management Training
  • Negotiation Skills Training
  • Professional Development
  • Learning Retention


  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting
  • Orientation Media
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Selecting & Hiring Employees
  • Talent Management
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Branded HR & Employer Branding
  • Internal Communications
  • Human Resources Management
  • Performance Management
  • Anti-Harassment Training
  • Diversity Inclusion Training
  • Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Training

Some Words From Our Clients

This is stunning. I seriously never thought in a million years that a steel service center promo video could give me goose bumps. You succeeded in doing so.
Randy L., Metals USA
True artists. I saw performances from actors turn from questionable and bad to enthralling and believable in the span of 10 minutes. These guys know their stuff. I felt like I was on a Hollywood set. Would absolutely recommend them and can’t wait for our next project. I’m sold on Sage.
You are a great filmmaker! We are really happy with the feel of the video.
Betsy Z., Connexall
I got to be honest…the cinematography looks amazing. You’re a Jedi with that camera!
Sean T., Take Point

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