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Using A Kirkpatrick Blended Evaluation Plan® Approach

“As much as 90% of the population of L&D professionals are using inadequate [...]

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Agile development is an iterative process that can involve a multitude of methodologies [...]

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Off-the-shelf solutions for training often come with a variety of apparent perks: they [...]

Defining Gamification in Learning – Sage Media: Episode 29

The term “gamification” has skyrocketed in popularity since it was first coined by [...]

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Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for some time, and it’s only now [...]

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Given the nature of modern technological advancements for learning, it is almost remarkable [...]

Inviting Creativity into the Workplace – Sage Advice: Episode 26

Creativity is a business necessity. However, it involves more than simply asking for [...]

Panel Discussion on Adopting Successful Training Development Programs – Sage Advice: Episode 25

Three leaders in the training and development sector join us for a lengthy [...]

Learning Is A Journey – Sage Advice: Episode 24

Often, trainers take the approach that training should simply be executed to solve [...]

Trust Your Audience’s Intelligence – Sage Advice: Episode 23

It’s easy to go overboard in order to make a point, but there [...]