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B2B Marketing Video

Video marketing tools that sell solution-oriented customer service wins business. The value in manufacturing and industrial services can often be overlooked as a commodity. For Randleman’s flat-roll division, the secret sauce was the team and their relationship with customers. Sage Media worked to visualize the intangible value of customer service: how team members anticipate customer needs and offer guidance accordingly. Great sales people know to sell solutions, not products; and Randleman provides custom solutions to a wide range of other manufacturing industries in the United States.

Extreme Consulting Promo

Leadership development can be exciting and adventurous, as this video demonstrates. TakePoint programs are designed to push mid-level executives to new heights of performance – as well as build more cohesive camaraderie among business teams. This promotional film outlines their unique value proposition, and helped them attract and win their ideal clients.

Boulder Video Production Commercial

Marketing is much like storytelling for training.

We are tasked to educate viewers about the value of a product or service. This commercial helped viewers understand the features and benefits of an app built by a local, Boulder startup company, as well as demonstrate its usefulness in action.

Sage Media wrote the script, cast actors, found the location, and storyboarded the entire commercial prior to shooting. The filming took place within a single day, and the end product was delivered within the week. Although a lot of our clients are located all over the world, we are please to provide full-scale video production services to our local clients in Boulder, Colorado.