First Level Leadership Training

First Level Leadership training is all about providing resources to new managers and supervisors who lack experience. This visual story exemplifies our approach to creating character-driven narratives, helping new leaders see how bad leadership can affect teams both physically, as well as through poor morale. Watch other video training without sound, and the difference becomes clear.

Extreme Consulting Promo

Leadership development can be exciting and adventurous, as this video demonstrates. TakePoint programs are designed to push mid-level executives to new heights of performance – as well as build more cohesive camaraderie among business teams. This promotional film outlines their unique value proposition, and helped them attract and win their ideal clients.

In-House, Custom Training

Our client developed a proprietary, in-house leadership program to cultivate future leaders internally, using our videos as a supplement to classroom training, improving retention and prompting discussions about organizational development, firing an employee, and giving honest performance feedback that encourages and corrects behavior.


The Red Cross needed media content that would help expand their volunteer numbers by 300% over a five-year period. We also repurposed this video into a shorter format for TV broadcast.