Is Affordable Video Production Possible?

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Is Affordable Video Production Possible? For many startups and boutique firms, adding video to their marketing collateral or incorporating it into their training can seem cost-prohibitive. What kind of solutions are available? You can hire a cheap firm, but the resulting video never conveys an attitude of the brand and it certainly doesn’t indicate the quality of the product or service you’re offering.

The other option is to try doing it yourself. Camera gear is getting cheaper, but it isn’t cheap. And beyond pointing and shooting, there are a lot of other factors to consider: audio quality and intelligibility, lighting, editing software and learning curve to be adept enough to tell a visual story, and export options that boggle the mind. Is H.264 for an MOV and the same as for an MP4? Ensuring that everything goes smoothly at every phase of video creation can be anxiety-inducing at best.

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, affordable but with high quality, there is hope. The best advice we can give our clients is to have a strategy for your content creation. Thinking piecemeal about generating video after video in a linear fashion can cause costs to swell dramatically. By contrast, knowing you plan to release 24 videos every two weeks puts your project into a bulk price. Even if you can’t afford to edit them all at once, you will have quality audio and video assets on a hard drive – to be accessed when you are ready to resume the project.

The above video is an example of a strategic plan that made video production not only affordable, but delivered consistent content for our client throughout the year. We filmed pre-rehearsed interviews over the course of a single day of their entire team, and even had time to capture high-quality headshots for their website, all within an extraordinarily affordable day-rate. And all of these videos look and feel like they belong to this company, rather than using multiple vendors and trying to recreate a particular “look.”

With content “in the can,” we edited and delivered enough content for them to keep their audiences regularly engaged, all within a span of about two weeks.

We hope this has made the task of utilizing video less daunting. Do you have a series you’re thinking of producing? Have questions not addressed in this blog? Feel free to reach out to us.

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