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Discover your

blind spots.

Our proprietary, science-backed discovery session thoroughly investigates culture, leadership, and training issues. Then we give you clear solutions that will solve these problems. We ask questions no other consulting groups ask.

What do I get?

This session is an elaborate discovery meeting that focuses on culture strengths and weaknesses, the needs and wants of leadership, and getting executives to come to agreement on training expectations and business outcomes. We also interview key stakeholders, your target learners, and even customers to collect overt and hidden information that has been eluding your development teams.

Following our analysis and interviews, we give you a Guidance Document that provides a concise and actionable recap of all our findings, an ideal strategy to solve unique training problems and achieve clear business goals, story summaries and themes that will resonate with and motivate your learners, and a comprehensive quote for the time and resources necessary to produce all of the learning tools and media. Some of the dimensions covered in the Guidance Document include the following:


Executive Summary

A high-level, compelling summary you can hand off to a busy exec so they can quickly see how our plan will solve their problem. These summaries often include things like overall course goals, learner profiles, key values, general findings, topic scope, and alignment to company's mission and business outcomes.

Story Summary

Imagine you're a producer for Netflix listening to a movie pitch. We give you an abridged outline of what stories will speak to the core values of your learners and motivate them to act. These stories serve as the foundation for our learning programs because they anchor the learning in something emotional and relatable. In this section, we may also include specific character descriptions.

Success Criteria

Most learning programs fail because they don't have metrics in place at the beginning. Avoiding this step also makes stakeholders nervous, because there aren't documented measure to reduce liability. This section includes learning objectives, behavior outcomes, KPIs, and other learning analytics that track program success and establish clear measurements for training ROI.

Topic Background

Here we address elements like potential learner biases, anticipated roadblocks we may encounter, previous fail-points within the company and successes that we can build upon. We answer why this topic matters, and why it matters now.

Instructional Design

Instructional design is an art. We recommended what approach will best effect training success so that it positively impacts your profit and productivity. If you have instructional designers, they can take this and run with it without missing a step. We include a broad range of details, but some include logistics like course length, facilitation and media modalities, barriers to learning and accessibility, and anything else that would dramatically impact curriculum design.

Cultural S.W.O.T. Analysis

Long considered the de facto tool for strategic analysis, S.W.O.T. stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Our variation on this tool reveals unseen cultural "artifacts" - unspoken, unconscious biases and behaviors within your organization. It is incredibly hard, even for advanced organizations, to see their culture from the outside. This section helps make your culture tangible so you can see through the fog.

Technical Requirements

This section is predominantly logistics, and includes a checklist of the most common factors to consider when delivering learning programs. These things can include multilingual options, media types, accessibility demands, hosting choices, delivery methods, required technologies, support staff, evaluation tools, and more.

You will get an actionable solution within two weeks. No delays…no “if’s,” “and’s,” or “but’s.” And the cost is only $30,000.

Are we the right solution for you?

We evaluate all of our prospects before they can purchase access to a Guided Clarity Session. Schedule a free, introductory call to see if we’re a good fit for your needs.