Filmmaking for Learning

Fall in love with learning again! We examine your organization’s needs, create stories that reflect your unique cultural mythology, and deliver media tools so effective and entertaining that you’ll be the hero in your learning department.

Choose the Right

Media Modality

After an initial assessment of your course objectives, we provide you with a roadmap for how to successfully integrate rich media within your courses. This strategy will allow you to easily communicate your media needs, goals, and metrics within your organization – both to stakeholders as well as internal media production staff.

Storytelling Logic & Design

Story Design

Get expert help in crafting emotional, logical narratives with relatable and believable characters. Our storytelling methodology drives home your learning objectives in ways that allow viewers to make powerful connections on their own. This approach stimulates critical thinking and emotional intelligence, increases buy-in and retention, and provides greater entertaining learner satisfaction.

Full-Scale Video Production.

If you don’t have media production capabilities internally, we can produce content for you – from start to finish. We emphasize multimedia tools that fit perfectly into your training, convey complex and emotionally intelligent takeaways, and help your learners subconsciously improve their behavior on the job. Check out some of our past projects to get an idea of the caliber and quality we bring to every project and every budget.

Some of our clients.