Bored Learners Don’t Learn.

Are you worried that training costs you more than it’s worth? Our approach of combining storytelling with neuroscience principles results in training films that engage employees so that they learn faster, remember info longer, and – ultimately – make you more money.

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How We Can Help.

Don’t get stuck spending money on training that doesn’t work.

Media Consulting

Our Guided Clarity Session spells out your culture and learning obstacles, what solutions will fix these barriers, how much it will cost, and when. You can then move forward or simply postpone the initiative until it is a priority.

Video Production

Learners are acclimated to high-quality video everywhere they look, so meeting this new visual demand means that your audience is more emotionally engaged and committed to learning.

Instructional Design

We build a custom learning experiences that will achieve your business and learning outcomes. Our approach blends multiple modes of learning so that your learners connect better to the material and exercise critical thinking.

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