The Change Management DipVideos
November 26, 2019

Overcoming the Dip in Change Management – Sage Advice: Episode 52

With any change management initiative, there's usually a slump, affectionately referred to as "The Dip," in which people revert back to comfortable patterns. This lull in performance is a natural…
Diversity and InclusionVideos
September 17, 2019

Dimensions of Diversity and Inclusion – Sage Advice: Episode 51

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is rife with its own buzzwords, and this can have a negative impact on the intended outcome. One way to ensure success in your D&I initiatives,…
Frayed RopeVideos
August 12, 2019

The ROI of Psychological Safety – Sage Advice: Episode 50

Amy Edmondson's research paved the way for building effective, high-performing teams by analyzing how people interact in complex social situations. In terms of on-the-job interactions, there are a number of…
5 Stories for LeadersVideos
July 8, 2019

5 Stories Every Leader Must Have – Sage Advice: Episode 49

G. Riley Mills, Co-Founder and COO of Pinnacle Performance Company, met with us at ATD International a few months ago and shared a simple framework of stories that every leader…
Learning AgilityVideos
June 20, 2019

Learning Agility is the Skill of the Future – Sage Advice: Episode 48

  The ability to (and love of) learning should be a crucial criterion when considering a candidate for employment. It not only helps you better understand a prospective new-hire's motivation…
Drinking From Fire HydrantVideos
June 14, 2019

Tips for Managing “Big Data” – Sage Advice: Episode 47

Companies expend a lot of time, energy, and resources in mining raw information and measurements that ultimately does very little to steer the direction for the future. Check out Heather Xu's quick…
June 3, 2019

Turning Your Macro-Learning into Micro-Learning – Sage Advice: Episode 46

Shannon Tipton from Learning Rebels describes the steps necessary to "convert" macro-learning to micro-learning. It isn't as obvious as you'd think, and the nuances are where most companies get tripped…
Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" - Fighting the MachinesVideos
April 23, 2019

Get Outside Your Tech Comfort Zone – Sage Advice: Episode 45

There is so much technology coming out at a pace that is overwhelming to consume. Learning designers that have a process that works well for them have little time to…
Woman Raises Her HandVideos
March 28, 2019

How to Foster Psychological Safety – Sage Advice: Episode 44

On an island runway in Tenerife, Captain Jacob Veldhuyzen van Zanten was impatiently waiting for takeoff for his jumper flight to Gran Canaria - one of the other Canary Islands.…
Digital LearningVideos
March 1, 2019

Leveraging Digital Media Within a Learning Ecosystem – Sage Advice: Episode 43

Design your digital learning, and its accessibility, based on how your workforce already engages with technology. Features like "infinite scroll" are UX/UI choices on Facebook and LinkedIn for a reason;…
February 15, 2019

Digital Learning Across Silos – Sage Advice: Episode 42

Silos were built to prevent risk, but that risk may unintentionally target your company's creativity in how it aggregates and spreads information. Don't forfeit knowledge management because you view connectivity…
Overly PerfectionisticVideos
December 6, 2018

Design Learning Like It Is A Business – Sage Advice: Episode 41

How do you elevate learning to be a partner to your business? In this episode of Sage Advice, Xerox's Doug Bushee explains how waiting for learning to be perfect can…
Bystander Intervention TrainingVideos
November 21, 2018

Harassment Training Doesn’t Work, So Here’s How We Fixed It

Sexual harassment isn't stopping. In fact, the needle isn't moving up or down – reports from the EEOC over the last 8 years shows a pretty consistent number of reports…
November 20, 2018

Evolve Your Workforce Away from ILT – Sage Advice: Episode 40

We need to evolve with the learning demands of the workforce. While Instructor Led Training (ILT) is beneficial for a lot of tasks, the need for on-demand resources is rapidly…
Edge TechnologiesVideos
October 17, 2018

Digital Transformation with Edge Technologies – Sage Advice: Episode 39

Digital transformation is an increasingly pertinent topic in the learning industry, but there are still a lot of questions surrounding this topic - as well as exactly how to execute this…
Insight SparkVideos
September 5, 2018

How to Generate Aha! Moments of Insight – Sage Advice: Episode 38

Mary Slaughter from the NeuroLeadership Institute joins us at the ATD ICE conference out in sunny San Diego to outline 4 steps that will help you consistently generate insightful discoveries…
Smile SheetsVideos
September 5, 2018

Designing Training with the End in Mind – Sage Advice: Episode 37

 We are HUGE fans of the Kirkpatrick Model here at Sage Media. When we are brought onto any project the first element we want to discuss is Level 3…
Kids with VR TechnologyVideos
February 21, 2018

Virtual Reality Versus Real Life – Sage Advice: Episode 36

Zsolt Olah is so enthusiastic about emerging tech within L&D, it's contagious. But the energy isn't always around the next gadget or novel toy. We caught up with him at…
Wasting Money on TrainingVideos
February 21, 2018

How To Justify the Expense of L&D – Sage Advice: Episode 35

Nick Howe, CLO from Area9 Learning, tells it like it is and we love it! He hits on two key elements that we personally feel should have more time devoted…
Diversity and InclusionVideos
February 10, 2018

Defining Diversity and Inclusion – Sage Advice: Episode 34

Wendy Robison, the Director of Learning for Etsy, talks about the challenges and observations when adopting policies focused on diversity and inclusion. Although many assume diversity refers to race, it…
February 9, 2018

Using Game Rules for Instructional Design – Sage Advice: Episode 33

Michael Allen, esteemed e-Learning guru from Allen Interactions, talked to us about the fundamental components of game design that directly translate into good e-Learning principles. Games are all about practice and…
August 23, 2017

Using A Kirkpatrick Blended Evaluation Plan® Approach

“As much as 90% of the population of L&D professionals are using inadequate and traditional evaluation methods that are just not getting the job done,” says Jim Kirkpatrick, Senior Consultant…
July 26, 2017

Leverage Agile for Efficient Collaboration – Sage Advice: Episode 31

Agile development is an iterative process that can involve a multitude of methodologies - including variants and subcategories like SCRUM or Lean Development and more. Although its origin is in tech development,…
June 14, 2017

Custom VS Off-the-Shelf Training Solutions – Sage Advice: Episode 30

Off-the-shelf solutions for training often come with a variety of apparent perks: they are sometimes cheaper, they are already built, and they can be rolled out almost immediately. However, looking…
June 1, 2017

Defining Gamification in Learning – Sage Media: Episode 29

The term “gamification” has skyrocketed in popularity since it was first coined by Nick Pelling in 2002, but many trainers cannot distinguish its meaning from “game-based learning.” Are they the…
May 15, 2017

Virtual Reality for Inductive Learning – Sage Media: Episode 28

Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for some time, and it’s only now breaking into the scene - with entertainment offering submersive gaming and movie-watching experiences. But what can this…
May 14, 2017

Leverage Tools for Higher-Level Learning – Sage Advice: Episode 27

Given the nature of modern technological advancements for learning, it is almost remarkable that trainers and educators are still using dated tools in a way that is no longer effectual…
May 2, 2017

Inviting Creativity into the Workplace – Sage Advice: Episode 26

Creativity is a business necessity. However, it involves more than simply asking for more creative ideas or hiring “creative” people: you have to create a culture that supports creativity. Creativity…
April 12, 2017

Panel Discussion on Adopting Successful Training Development Programs – Sage Advice: Episode 25

Three leaders in the training and development sector join us for a lengthy discussion on how to get C-suite level executives to adopt and roll out a training program, and…
April 5, 2017

Learning Is A Journey – Sage Advice: Episode 24

Often, trainers take the approach that training should simply be executed to solve particular business challenges. What ultimately happens is that this “Band-Aid” approach falls short from the lifelong development…
March 29, 2017

Trust Your Audience’s Intelligence – Sage Advice: Episode 23

It’s easy to go overboard in order to make a point, but there is a danger of playing to stereotypes. Take, for example, sexual harassment training; rarely do these cases…
March 20, 2017

Shifting Mindsets to Engage System 2 Thinking – Sage Advice: Episode 22

Corporations often make the mistake of focusing too heavily on changing a particular action or behavior, rather than the mental model or thinking methodology that led up to the undesirable…
March 8, 2017

Training with Technology – Sage Advice: Episode 21

Technology can be intimidating. Some “old-school” trainers may even hold a negative bias against using newer technologies or judge their effectiveness more harshly when compared to more familiar methods. Darlene…
March 7, 2017

The Neuroscience of Learning – Sage Advice: Episode 20

Learning is a natural part of the human experience; but for many in the Learning and Development sector, training can be wrought with frustration when the process of effective learning…
December 9, 2016

How to Stop Procrastinating – Sage Advice: Episode 19

There are a lot of simple tips to help you stop procrastinating. Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles to learning, driving memory and retention down to unusable levels. It's…
September 20, 2016

How to Bring Soft Skills into IT-Related Fields – Sage Advice: Episode 18

How do highly analytical or technologically advanced personnel communicate with other, non-tech-savvy team members? As we balance people and technology, it becomes even more important to maintain positive leadership techniques…
September 1, 2016

Technology in Sales Training – Sage Advice: Episode 17

The landscape of sales training has shifted wildly from the days of Zig Zigler. Companies that were once champions of the sales funnel have suffered from advances in the information…
July 12, 2016

Managing a Power Differential – Sage Advice: Episode 16

In every organization, there is a power dynamic - even if it is subtle. Companies often aim to create transparent dialogue, but when there are large differences in this power…
July 5, 2016

Don’t Waste Your Time With Video – Sage Advice Episode 15

Keeping the attention spans of your learners is challenging. Why take risks for the sake of a lower upfront cost - especially if the resultant product costs you MORE later…
July 5, 2016

Knowledge Transfer Within Organizations: Sage Advice – Episode 14

Baby Boomers are exiting their jobs at rapid rates. How can you transfer their knowledge, expertise, and understanding of your company culture to the incoming workforce? What happens when these…
June 20, 2016

Creating an Element of Challenge: Sage Advice – Episode 13

With adult learning, we are often presented with scenarios that paint the “correct” way to success - stories with positive focus and exemplar model behavior. Matt Donovan, VP at GP Strategies,…
June 6, 2016

Prevent Customer Service Burnout – Sage Advice: Episode 12

With 60% of consumers expecting better customer service than they did just a year ago, organizations that are focused on training and development around client interactions are poised for stronger,…
April 28, 2016

Create Open Communication Among Varying Levels of Expertise on Your Team: Sage Advice – Episode 11

Rarely in Leadership Development can one say that poor communication could cost lives; but for Jason Sperling, MD, clear and concise dialogue is essential for patient safety in the surgery…
Oedipus RexVideos
April 27, 2016

Enough About Storytelling, Let’s Talk About Character

Storytelling books often give you information that is useful when analyzing a great story, but very few help with writing a story from scratch, let alone linking your unique scenarios…
December 8, 2015

Using DiSC with Training Groups – Sage Advice: Episode 10

Lori Schreiber from Emcor talks about using DiSC assessments to more favorably present information to groups or diverse audiences. Understanding how your audience prefers to communicate creates greater transfer of knowledge. It…
December 3, 2015

Stress & Emotional Resilience – Sage Advice: Episode 9

A common myth about stress is that zero stress makes us happy and healthy, but the American Psychology Association says otherwise. "Stress can be the kiss of death or the…
November 10, 2015

Addressing Skeptics & Stakeholder Objections – Sage Advice: Episode 8

When dealing with any skeptical viewpoint, it's important to address concerns upfront, rather than sweep them under the rug and hope they go away. Joe Anzalone sits down with us…
October 21, 2015

Incorporating Managers into Training – Sage Advice Episode 7

Jill Boone, from Enterprise, outlines some particular challenges when managers are not on board, informed about, or participating in an employee's development training. Bringing managers into a structured training early…
August 24, 2015

4 Types of Story – Sage Advice: Episode 6

Using storytelling devices in your presentation can increase information retention from about 10% to 80-90%. Melinda Bickerstaff from Accenture talks about the four basic goals that storytelling achieves: Build a roadmap for…
July 8, 2015

How Stress Impacts Performance – Sage Advice: Episode 5

Stress is cited as the "Number One Killer" and the basic cause for more than 60% of all human illnesses and diseases. At lower levels, it can severely impact brain…
July 8, 2015

Effectively Maintain Habit Change – Sage Advice: Episode 4

So you've rolled out a new policy or procedure. How tempted is your team to slip back into old patterns? How do you get your employees to maintain a new…
July 8, 2015

Crafting an Internal Training Program :: Sage Advice – Episode 3

Creating an internal training program for your company doesn't have to generate huge overhead or resource demand. Joan Busch, Senior Director of Talent Development, explains how UnitedHealth Group created their own…
June 18, 2015

Building Culture Through Branded HR :: Sage Advice – Episode 2

Terri Radcliff, the YMCA's VP of Talent & Knowledge Management, discusses how her federated organization built an internal leadership culture that is on par with corporations. Creating a strong brand…
June 11, 2015

Engaging Stakeholders Through Story :: Sage Advice – Episode 1

Episode 1 of Sage Advice features Joe Anzalone, Director of Business Education for Hilton Worldwide. We sat down with Joe at the annual ATD conference in Orlando where he discussed how to…
November 3, 2014

Saving Lives – Preventing Alarm Fatigue

We were hired to create a day-in-the-life video for a company that designs software and hardware applications to reduce alarm fatigue among nurses and hospital staff. This video utilized actors…
July 31, 2012

Winning a Telly Award

We recently won a Telly Award for a leadership development promotional video in the business-to-business category. While we put a lot of work into this high-powered piece, we can't take…

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