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Tell your food safety story.

Join us in creating a documentary film that will highlight the people and organizations that keep our food safe.


Don't miss your opportunity for change.

You have the unique opportunity to leave a lasting legacy on the global food industry. By contributing your expertise, your stories, and resources, we can create a documentary owned by the food industry and one that will be a powerful learning tool to elevate food safety globally.

Documentaries are known to focus on scary, rare occurrences of food safety failures. This tarnishes our reputation and deflates the spirits of those working to keep customers safe. Unlike documentaries like Netflix’s Poisoned, our film focuses on the people, processes, tech, and advancements so that employees feel empowered to innovate and continue protecting us all.

The Film

This 60-minute documentary will feature food safety stories in key industries along the food production continuum: agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, grocery, and food service.

Workbook for the Documentary

The Education

After viewers are ramped up and inspired, we need to provide clear actions steps for them to effect change. This documentary will come with facilitated and self-guided resources that will help workers identify how their unique job role fits into the larger food production continuum—and what to do to ensure the greatest success between departments.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the intended audience?

Although the film will still have broader audience appeal, it is made for food safety professionals and c-suite leadership in the food industry.

Where will the film be shown?

We will host “watch parties” at major companies as part of supplemental training, as well as screen the film at major food safety conferences around the worldsuch as IAFP, GFSI, the Dubai International Food Safety Conference, and more. Our goal is to promote the film and training as far and wide as possible, through both internal sales efforts and potential third-party resellers.

When will the film be done?

Our timeline is to finish funding by the end of March and begin production immediately, with our first screening in Q1 of 2025.

What industries do you want to feature?

Any company that plays a role within the food supply chain: agriculture, transportation, manufacturers, labs, grocers, food service, auditors and regulators.

What kind of films has Sage Media produced in the past?

Sage Media does this exact work, having produced film-based training programs for companies like Starbucks, Hershey, and Kerry Foods. It has won awards for its unique approach of combining filmmaking with complex training, and their approach has been published in academic journals as a result of its effectiveness.

Need more info?

Check out our pitch deck.