Often, trainers take the approach that training should simply be executed to solve particular business challenges. What ultimately happens is that this “Band-Aid” approach falls short from the lifelong development of the employee. The truth is that learning never stops: it is a continuous process of improvement and challenge, and it helps to strategize learning over the course of employment – rather than thinking in short-term solutions.

Michael Leimbach, PhD, who is the VP of Global Research and Development at Wilson Learning, Learning is a journey discusses how the good intentions of trainers conflict with the limits and logistics of scheduling learning around an event. In this video, he offers some great advice.

At what stage is your employee or team of employees meeting a particular learning event, and where does this learning is a journey opportunity fit on the continuum over the course of an employee’s time with your company? Once they have the information you need them to acquire, what are the next steps? What immediate application is available for learners to help solidify their new knowledge? Finally, have you offered the best presentation of the material or do you need to supplement with alternate forms of presentation – white papers, augmented reality, videos and visual storytelling media, or group or one-on-one facilitation?

Let us know what works best for you in helping your staff continue along their learning journey.

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