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Leveraging Digital Media Within a Learning Ecosystem – Sage Advice: Episode 43

By March 1, 2019July 25th, 2020No Comments

Design your digital learning, and its accessibility, based on how your workforce already engages with technology. Features like “infinite scroll” are UX/UI choices on Facebook and LinkedIn for a reason; leverage the expertise of these agencies to help enhance the digital learning experience for your own team.

Kevin Metsers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise discusses how to effectively span up to five generations of the workforce, and how to efficiently connect learners to the digital content they need – as they need it.


Kevin Metsers:                Technology today definitely has its limitations, but it can definitely enable and be a catalyst for innovation within your company. Look at what people are using in their day to day lives. We have five generations in the organization, but we have to tailor to them. So anything we release or anything we want to pilot, we have to tailor ourselves to them and meet those expectations and be very clear about what we offer to them. When they’re looking for digital content, they usually have a problem that they’re trying to solve, right? You go into Google, how do I …, right? Or what is the framework, or how do I have a difficult conversation? It’s usually in the moment.

And we want to make sure that our content is easy to use, easy to consume, mobile enabled, low barrier to entry, make things very flexible. Those are probably the most important things when you come into a learning environment, especially digitally, because people will tune you out in a second. They want to use the technology. You just have to make it easy for them and accessible. And that’s, I think the key component to any digital learning asset.

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