The ROI of Psychological Safety – Sage Advice: Episode 50

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Amy Edmondson’s research paved the way for building effective, high-performing teams by analyzing how people interact in complex social situations. In terms of on-the-job interactions, there are a number of variables that can positively or negatively affect the ROI of psychological safety everything from productivity to safety.

Her research into “psychological safety” spans more than a decade, and yet the importance of it is only now gaining traction. Part of the reason why is because, for many organizations, The ROI of psychological safety the indirect value doesn’t seem worth it – despite the fact that issues related to psychological safety cost large firms MILLIONS of dollars each year.

So how can you make a better case for rolling out programs that promote a culture of psychological safety? Can you even make a financial case for the return on investment (ROI)? Amy offers her perspective in this short interview.

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