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3 Onboarding Tips for a Successful New Hire – Sage Advice: Episode 53

By September 30, 2021No Comments

What are some ways you can improve the onboarding experience for new-hires? How can you keep new employees as excited six months in as they were on their first day?

While your employees are trying to make a good first impression for you, your company also needs to maintain the right experience. If you want to capitalize on all that new-hire energy, you have to make sure your culture is consistent and that employees continue to feel valued.

Katja Zurcher from Rackspace shares her insights that have helped her new-hires stay excited, engaged, and highly productive.


Katja Zurcher: “A person comes into a company with all of this new, hire energy, and we don’t want to waste that energy. So there are three essential things that you can do to make your onboarding a success. The first is make sure that you are showing the people in your onboarding class, that you value them. When you are planting those seeds. We value you. We hired you for a reason. You are a great talent. We want you to stay with our company. If they feel valued, they in turn are going to start valuing you as an organization and working harder, more productively for your goals and, and and strategy. One other piece, which I think is so important is that networking component. We have all these new people coming into an organization, and eventually they’ll go off in their departments, their teams, and that will be their, their group of people. In an onboarding program, we really provide the new hires an opportunity to really connecting with lots of people from different departments. So the class can truly understand how everything fits together. And they’ll have advocates. Maybe you’re coming into a meeting, You really need to get buy in, in this meeting, And oh, sitting across from you is, is that guy from your, your new hire class or your onboarding that you’re already friends with. It’s just, you know, one additional positive relationship in that room that can help you get the results that you need. And then finally make sure that you’re creating an experience. Something memorable. I like to call it signature experiences. Something that is almost like this tangible experience of your company values that they can internalize and take with them into the organization. Once they leave your onboarding.”