Off-the-shelf solutions for training often come with a variety of apparent perks: they are sometimes cheaper, they are already built, and they can be rolled out almost immediately. However, looking deeper into considerations around these “quick-and-dirty” solutions reveals a couple counter-intuitive variables.

Megan Torrance, the CEO of Torrance Learning, highlights a few circumstances where a custom solution is actually better on all counts. Answering some preliminary questions can be as easy as measuring licenses against volume; or considerations can be as nuanced as anticipating what association employees will have when they consume generic training rather than something intentionally designed for their specific instructional needs.

Additionally, a common oversight of some trainers is they neglect the opportunity to have frequent touch-points for the expression or demonstration of their company’s culture within training. Injecting a company’s brand attitude or values into training reinforces cultural aspects of the business, and it connects employees to the overall mission – helping to fully integrate them into the team and inspiring them to make the most of their time on the job.

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