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Evolve Your Workforce Away from ILT – Sage Advice: Episode 40

By November 20, 2018July 21st, 2020No Comments

We need to evolve with the learning demands of the workforce. While Instructor Led Training (ILT) is beneficial for a lot of tasks, the need for on-demand resources is rapidly growing. ILT has serious limitations, namely one of cost.

Darci Hall from Providence St. Joseph Health joins us at ATD-ICE in San Diego to help us move past lamenting the deficiencies of instructor led training in the healthcare industry, and paints us a picture of the potential future for digital learning.

Are you moving in a direction that will benefit your team’s learning?


Darci Hall:          I’d say healthcare is behind about 10 years when it comes to digitizing and moving forward in the learning space. Disruption’s happening but it’s a slow movement right now. It’s hard to change that mental model, especially for clinicians who have been trained and educated in that traditional model to say, you can still learn, you can still grow without the brick and mortar behind it.

We’ve got to evolve with the expectation of the workforce. So one example I always use is Lexus was the first automaker to come out with the airbag. If you wanted an airbag, you had to buy a Lexus, period, end of statement. And so lots of people couldn’t afford it, but boy, they wanted it, they wanted it. As we evolved and demand happened, every car is now standard with an airbag, and I see that with ILT. It was great and it served its time, but then we started blending, and virtual reality is coming out now in AR and expectation. And that expectation is shaping the way that we should be designing so the demand is moving.

There’s so many things out there that you just want, I want it just in time, on demand, give it to me now. And we are a give-it-to-me-now kind of society. So why aren’t we designing that way? Why are we forcing people back into this old archaic model that doesn’t work for anybody. It’s not cost effective, we know that. And large organizations like mine, if I have to train 117,000 people, and it all had to be ILT, think of the expense in travel, time off the floor, it doesn’t make sense anymore. So I think we need to evolve with the demand that our employees and our caregivers want us to evolve into.

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