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Get Outside Your Tech Comfort Zone – Sage Advice: Episode 45

By April 23, 2019July 25th, 2020No Comments

There is so much technology coming out at a pace that is overwhelming to consume. Learning designers that have a process that works well for them have little time to go down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Although some technology may seem daunting to research, much of it at least has roots in the familiar. What’s more, these tools are designed to improve your operations and your workflow; so if something isn’t jiving, it may be worthwhile to ask more questions and look at the resource from different angles – rather than dismissing it wholly get outside your tech comfort zone.

Further, most tech folks on your team will not have an extensive background in adult learning, and your learning designers won’t have as much of a background in tech. So consider connecting your IT team to those in learning and development, and facilitate a brainstorming session between the two. Often, the results from this collaborative meeting will be exciting opportunities to get outside your tech comfort zone and creative ideations that will combine the two divisions.

JD Dillon of Axonify gives us a little encouragement to embrace the tech frenzy, and offers a few tips to get started.


JD Dillon:               One big consideration for this idea of how we evolve the use of data and technology in learning is for learning professionals to really be open to trying something new and really going outside their comfort zone. Because when you think about things like artificial intelligence and machine learning, there’s a little bit of black box magic happening in the background of technology, if you don’t understand the implications and how it works.

And the reality is that the smartest data person in your organization probably doesn’t work in learning and development. They’re probably part of a BI team or they’re part of the operation. So how do we, as learning and development, partner with these people and kind of leverage their insight and expertise so that we can create the experience we know employees need to help them when they need help, but also leverage these new tactics that many of our partners are starting to leverage already?

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