Agile development is an iterative process that can involve a multitude of methodologies – including variants and subcategories likeĀ SCRUM orĀ Lean Development and more. Although its origin is in tech development, Agile approaches to instructional design and leadership training dovetail perfectly. With this approach, leverage agile for efficient collaboration one can easily manage multiple projects and immediately see where they are on the continuum of completion.

Molly Hill, the VP of Global Retail Learning at Starbucks, gives three considerations when thinking about moving into an Agile approach:

  1. Lean on industry authorities that are familiar with Agile workings and can help you manage the transition smoothly.
  2. Think of Agile development as a philosophy.
  3. Consider the effects of change management, and be gentle with your team during the transition. It will take time, and a lot of courageous conversations.

It may seem scary, leverage agile for efficient collaboration but the best approach to rolling out an Agile process is to pick a meaty project and jump right in. The rewards are manifold, ranging from unprecedented flexibility to more efficient uses of collaborative time to gaining empirical feedback about the efficacy of project efforts.

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