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Overcoming the Dip in Change Management – Sage Advice: Episode 52

By November 26, 2019July 25th, 2020No Comments

With any change management initiative, there’s usually a slump, affectionately referred to as “The Dip,” in which people revert back to comfortable patterns. This lull in performance is a natural part of the process, so don’t lose hope! Instead, stay motivated and dedicate more energy to promoting your change initiative. Not only will you help stave off depressing, sabotaging thoughts about the success, but you’ll more quickly get through the drop and into much greater gains in performance.


Megan Galloway:            So when you start with change management initiatives, you’re starting them for a reason, and when you get into that change, the first thing that generally happens is you meet resistance. So when you hit that resistance, you go into what they call the pit of despair, and what that means is that people are resisting the change and they have fear around this, and the reason why you are making the change is so that you can get out on the other side of that, and then go have performance above where you started.

A lot of people have fear around change, so if you can diminish some of that fear with your learning and helping them kind of go along that journey, then you get that buy in and then it makes it a lot easier for you to accomplish your change initiatives. Sometimes it takes a long time for people to buy into the change, and so I think it’s okay for people to take some time to figure out that they’re actually all in. You do have to be all in at some point, that’s the role of learning, I would say is, it’s not as much about training people. It’s more about showing people why you’re making the changes and understanding clear expectations of where it is that you’re going and why it is that you’re going there, and then giving them the tools so that they can match whatever expectations it is of where it is that you are going.

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