Guided Clarity Session
What We Did
  • Culture Analysis
  • Learning Design
  • Media Strategy
  • Solutions Mapping
  • Story Design
  • Learning Analytics

The Problem

Bechtel was suffering from incredibly low scores on both employee satisfaction and customer surveys. Turnover was a big problem due to burnout, and very few employees could handle the rapid, ever-evolving culture that comes with being the largest privately held construction firm.

Bechtel invested in Change Management training for their global leadership, managers, and front-line leaders in the hope that, by understanding how change happens, employees could adapt more easily to the fast-paced environment. The cost of this initiative was exorbitant, and needed to be done in-person. The result was incredible frustration and further attrition of high-performing team members. Workers didn’t have time to complete the training and Bechtel couldn’t really afford the downtime required. Overall, the investment was a colossal failure.

Video Interviews

The Solution

Sage Media did a thorough analysis of Bechtel’s learners and constructed a strategy for a spaced learning approach that would suit their needs, address accessibility and technological constraints, and drive real, tangible results. This process, known as Sage Media’s Guided Clarity Session, is essentially an in-depth, cultural S.W.O.T. analysis. We interviewed stakeholders and the learning demographic, and made detailed notes about the overt and hidden obstacles Bechtel was facing.

There were an exorbitant number of details. We boiled down the most essential into two sections of a 50-page document: a summary for busy stakeholders who just need the high-level stuff and a step-by-step strategy guide that any vendor or internal team could take to create their own solution.