GP Strategies


  • Story Consultation
  • Narrative Design
  • Video Production
  • Export Optimization
  • Marketing Strategy

Distilling a host of service offerings into 90 seconds.

The marketing team at GP Strategies had identified that their previous advertising initiatives focused too much on the features of their services, rather than on the benefits. They wanted a story-driven commercial that could distill the essence of their offerings, the scope of industries they serve, and the necessity of their comprehensive workflow – their training and consulting helps their customers at every stage.

Sage Media created and produced a story following the journey of coffee beans. Ordering a cup of Joe in the morning requires myriad touchpoints, responsibilities, coordination, and immense logistical complexity to ensure the experience is seamless and maintains consistently high quality – a fact that many of us may take for granted. Similarly, the consultative services GP Strategies offers its customers are numerous and complex, requiring an integrated approach at every stage of an enterprise’s operations.


When you offer the breadth of services that GP Strategies does, it can be difficult to boil down the essence of the organization into less than 90 seconds. Our unique consulting process quickly helped the marketing executives determine the core essence of their brand within the scope of the advertising target length.


After determining the core message, Sage Media drafted a number of analogies that symbolized the complex route GP Strategies takes when they do their own consulting. Once we found a metaphor that resonated, in this case the journey of a coffee bean, we constructed a story that would visually follow the steps involved to getting a product we often take for granted.

Produce + Deploy

The production process kept the end target in mind: to be used as part of a social media ad campaign. How we constructed the story, composed the shots, and edited the piece was all motivated by the fact that many viewers would initially see this video without sound. The voice over was an additional bonus for prospects that chose to experience the full commercial.