GP Strategies
What We Did
  • Story Consultation
  • Narrative Design
  • Video Production
  • Export Optimization
  • Marketing Strategy

The Problem

The marketing team at GP Strategies struggled to convey the full scope of what they offered. GP Strategies is known for a host of consulting services, but often clients couldn’t process where their responsibilities ended and GP’s began. Did they work on a portion of the full problem? Did they handle logistics?

GP Strategies tried to list out all their services and features, but this failed to speak to customer benefits. They wanted a story-driven commercial that could distill the essence of their offerings, the scope of industries they serve, and that their training and consulting helps customers at every stage of their business challenges Рall in 90 seconds.

The Solution

Sage Media created and produced a story following the journey of coffee beans. Ordering a cup of Joe in the morning requires myriad touchpoints, responsibilities, coordination, and immense logistical complexity to ensure the experience is seamless and maintains consistently high quality – a fact that many of us may take for granted. Similarly, the consultative services GP Strategies offers its customers are numerous and complex, requiring an integrated approach at every stage of an enterprise’s operations.

The Results


Sage Media guided GP Strategies to define the breadth of their work and the core essence of their business. We then converted the language of the main message so that it spoke to their prospective clients. This was accomplished in under three hours.


After determining the core message, Sage Media drafted a number of analogies that symbolized the complex route GP Strategies takes when they do their own consulting. The analogy of the journey of a coffee bean helped future clients make sense of the breadth and scope of GP Strategies' services.

Produce + Deploy

Our video production services kept the price under $25,000. Because the commercial would be launched through social media, all video production choices were picked because most viewers would initially see this video without sound. This was also hosted on their company website.