Awards & Mentions
Silver Brandon Hall Award
Best Advance in Custom Content

Silver Brandon Hall Award
  • 360-degree interactive escape room
  • 25-minute crime drama
  • HTML5 compliant application

Training that looks like an HBO show.

The Manager of Food Safety Culture at Hershey’s needed to create a training for employees who don’t typically work on the production floor. Her learning objective was for c-suite executives to understand the full complexity of a product life cycle, showing how every decision they make – from accounting to procurement to legal – can ultimately affect food safety on the plant floor and in the lives of the consumers.

Sage Media recommended a crime drama with interactive VR component. The design of the training resembled an escape room. Watch this case study video to see how we combined the passive, movie-going experience of high-quality storytelling with the learner-driven interactivity of virtual reality.

Here are some of the impacts of this approach:

  • Training investment went from $600 per learner to $17.14.
  • Program expansion went from 200 targeted learners to 7000, due to the global appeal of the training.
  • External relationships and vendor confidences were improved through PR including from Target, Amazon, and Walmart.
  • Speaking engagements through conferences and seminars boomed, as a result of learning innovation.
  • Internal and external accolades were earned as a direct result of this initiative, including a Silver Brandon Hall Award.
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Blending Virtual Reality with Dramatic Storytelling.

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Production stills from our film set.

This project was filmed entirely in Colorado, using local cast and crew. Photos courtesy of Marla Rutherford.