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  • Best Use of Video for Learning
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Great work ethic doesn’t always mean great leadership.

Metals USA wanted to prepare newly promoted leaders with the right resources. As wiser, older employees were retiring, there was a growing knowledge gap because younger managers and supervisors couldn’t connect to workers that felt they didn’t deserve their leadership roles. Metals needed training that would show their front-line leaders that they didn’t know everything, and that being a good employee did not necessarily translate to being a good manager.

Show. Don’t tell.

Most training films try to show either a “good manager” or a “bad manager” to get their point across. But people are more complex than that, and learners exercise more critical thinking when they’re exposed to more complicated scenarios. Our main character, Greg, was a relatable manager who was good at heart, but needed more if he was ever going to be a great leader. In watching him grow, the leaders at Metals USA felt inspired to grow themselves.


of managers actually used tools taught in Foundations of Leadership


of participants saw marked performance improvements within their teams


of viewers actively recommended the training to peers

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