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  • Brandon Hall Award
  • Best Use of Video for Learning
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Great work ethic doesn’t always mean great leadership.

One of the main challenges this client faced was illustrating the importance of arming newly promoted leaders with the right resources. The conventional approach simply showed managers as terrible leaders, but never humanized them or pointed out the complications of their new positions. We created a relatable character who could thrive under the right circumstances – the circumstances our client wanted their divisions to adopt.

Show. Don’t tell.

With increasing attrition rates due to the Boomer exodus, MetalsUSA knew that they needed to prepare key frontline employees to step into leadership roles – with little time or preparation to get up to speed. After seeing the learner response to one of the leadership development films we produced for another leadership consultant, the Metals team hired Sage Media to produce something similar for their own proprietary training.

We avoided the typical “good manager versus bad manager” scenario films we’ve seen before, and created a relatable, three-dimensional character who could thrive if the circumstances were right – specifically, the circumstances our client wanted their divisions to adopt.


of managers actually used tools taught in Foundations of Leadership


of participants saw marked performance improvements within their teams


of viewers actively recommended the training to peers

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