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We recently won a Telly Award for a leadership development promotional video in the business-to-business category. While we put a lot of work into this high-powered piece, we can’t take all the credit: our clients were an obvious part of our success in winning the award. Here’s why:

They believe in their service

The team at Take Point is based in Boulder. They genuinely believe in their service and are inspired by the need to help the corporate world build better bonds – and have fun doing it. It’s easy to create fun marketing that is exciting when the company leaders exude excitement and energy.

They allow a creative balance

As experts in video marketing, we have access to a lot of media resources. Many novices focus on the technical, thinking that equipment and novel gadgets are what produce results. An environment where creativity can be nurtured and play is encouraged produces the best results. Although we are not necessarily the experts in our clients’ services, we understand how to best represent them to the media-consuming public. Trust in our creative process and high-level marketing expertise is what contributed to winning this prestigious award.

There was trust and focus

We provide an initial, in-depth consultation in order to outline a strategy. Having a beautifully produced video is only part of the solution: the target audience must see it. When discussing topics to highlight, we recommend limiting points to two or three ideas within a 90-second video. Knowing these “talkpoints” can help streamline the production, as well as direct your viewer to the exact action you want them to take. Trust that the right audience will connect immediately and you won’t have to sell too hard. Video can be a great pre-qualification tool – saving you the hassle of pitching a sale to someone who clearly is the wrong customer.

Sage Media invites energetic, inspired leaders to collaborate on video productions that will help them convey information more succinctly, reach a broader audience more effectively, and to demonstrate powerful leadership techniques through the universal language of visual storytelling.

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