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Enough About Storytelling, Let’s Talk About Character

By April 27, 2016February 21st, 2020No Comments

Storytelling books often give you information that is useful when analyzing a great story, but very few help with writing a story from scratch, let alone linking your unique scenarios to training or business objectives. In this webinar for ATD-Houston, we dispel myths about what makes a story great, discuss how it is rooted in our very human nature, and focus on central elements that gets people engaged: namely, three-dimensional, believable, and motivated characters that learn and grow through your specific training message.

After finishing this webinar, you will be able to clearly define a “dramatic premise,” which is a pithy statement that summarizes your training message. We provide examples demonstrating how your training can act as the solution to your character’s problems, motivating their actions to learn and grow – all while making the scenarios engaging, honest, and memorable.

We also covered how to recycle your hard work in ways that keep content fresh and new, yet still appealing to the underlying foundations of your organization’s mission and training focus – to get the most value out of this exciting, yet demanding process.

Whether you are creating leadership development training, enough about storytelling training for sales techniques, safety or compliance as standalone modules, or you simply want something to spice up your facilitated training, Sage Media can help you tell better stories that will improve efficiency and the quality of work life for your employees.